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We, Pat Potter, 81, an ancient artist and collaborator Jesse Akers, 26,  Invite you to join us   as we construct our blog,  mapping  our approach to visual philosophy and our understanding  of the evolving state of consciousness. Your inclusion in this process means: asking questions , sharing comments, starting conversations - involvements we most welcome. The unique dynamic between artist and viewer is one that flows in a regenerative circuit , a map where we can meet and travel new territories together.  We are looking at our three-dimensional world as a map of more complex dimensions. Thoughts in this world might be multi-dimensional objects in another. Thoughts might live in a house you can visit. These thoughts and connections manifest through the perceptible imagery we call  Visual Philosophy. VISUAL PHILOSOPHY asks for a slow reading or perhaps a " slow seeing ". Let your eye move very, very slowly, following the movements through the image. Allow all of your senses t

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